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If you’ve ever wanted to have your voice heard and your content is related to the vision of Gaming and God, please contact me! Whether it’s video games, anime, a review, or a more spiritual topic like faith or prayer, I am open to read and edit your material.

For those interested in joining the team as a regular writer, social media manager or other volunteer positions, click here.

Here are a few requirements for being a writer before you submit:

  1. You should have some previous experience in writing. It doesn’t have to be on gaming, just some previous pieces that I can reference.
  2. The topic must be about video games or something related to videogame culture. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a spiritual topic. Message me your topic or idea 🙂
  3. Nothing that insults God, Christianity or the bible.
  4. No cuss words in the post or sexual or profane topics, though if a game contains some of that content, we can discuss it but not use any of that language or imagery in the post.
  5. I will edit your content myself, and I will show you the final draft before I publish it on the site, to approve it. Please provide any images, bio for yourself and links (social media, blog, etc) you want to use in the post. If not I can find images. No fanart without permission
  6. I will not promote products, services, or other websites unless I myself know what/who they are, or if I can personally recommend it (for example, a game, book, clothing, etc. that I own or have used).

Guest post ideas:

  • Game reviews, even board games count!
  • Your take on Christians playing video games or interacting with the genre
  • Character analysis (breaking down a game character’s personality or actions in a game)
  • Gaming news
  • Opinion pieces on gaming culture
  • Game Convention/event review
  • Interviews with other gamers (Christian or not), developers, music artists, etc.
  • Parent resources for video games
  • Let me know what you want to write about and we can work something out!

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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