10 Video Game Soundtracks To Relax With

I happened upon an interesting music compilation on Youtube the other day, while listening to an explanation of the Chrono Trigger timeline (yeah, go figure that one out!). The video was a relaxing playlist of music from the famed SNES title, Chrono Trigger. I am a huge fan of the series, especially the music, so I thought that kind of a video was brilliant. As you may or may not know, music playlists of a particular genre or mood are very popular, and there are some that cater to gamers. There are lots of them on Spotify, my preferred source for music nowadays, but finding one of a single game or series can be difficult. I’ve made them on my own, but this Youtuber put together some of the more relaxing sounds from Chrono Trigger into a long video that you can leave in the background. There are other games that I found while searching, so I decided to put together a short but impressive list of famous games for their musical scores.

The intention of this post is to not only enjoy the music and take a nostalgic trip, but to experience VGM (video game music) in a new way. I am often complimented on how peaceful my office or home is because I often have instrumental or soaking worship music playing. My personal, Instrumental playlist consists of worship music in various genres like jazz to ambient, video game albums, classical, random tracks I have found on Spotify and even covers of popular music. Its such a big mix I love listening to it, so any excuse to put music on, I do so 🙂

Below I have added the soundtracks I thought were popular, well-mixed and that most readers would enjoy!

Click below to see the rest of the videos. I didn’t want to fill this post with 10 Youtube videos, as it would look pretty disorganized. Enjoy!

Sonic the Hedgehog Chill Out Mix

MOTHER Chill Out Mix

Metroid Chill Out Mix

Fire Emblem Chill Out Mix

SNES Edition Chill Out Mix  (For my retro gamers out there!)

Let me know which you enjoyed the most, and if you have any playlists, video game albums, or compilations that you recommend that I missed 🙂

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