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via Why Christians Should Play Video Games (with Discernment) – Geeks Under Grace.

To some, the term “video game” is synonymous with the latest Call of Duty or Grand Theft Auto. Less frequently do the names of video games not focused on violence or sex come to the average mind.
Those that practice the Christian faith may be in search of a game that reflects their values, but they’ll be hard-pressed to find even one. There is FIVE: Guardians of David (which I wrote a review for) and That Dragon, Cancer, but aside from those there aren’t too many “Christian games” around
As Christians, it can be difficult to figure out what games God is OK with, and which ones He isn’t. That’s actually a rhetorical question, as there isn’t really an answer. Everyone has different convictions. I highlighted this subject here on Geeks Under Grace, as I myself have dealt with this (and still do) as a Christian who loves to play video games. Within this article, I’d like to explore that subject further.

To Play Or Not To Play

As a Christian, I am very careful what games I expose myself to. Sometimes I play games that contain content I don’t like, but the overall good outweighs the bad. That said, how far can I go before my play time goes against the convictions I feel from the Holy Spirit?
I know Christians who refuse to play certain games that I am OK with playing, and vice versa. Personally, I hate profanity (Call of Duty, Saints Row) and in-your-face sexuality (Bayonetta, Dead or Alive Volleyball, etc), so I choose not to buy those titles. Yet, at the same time, games that delve into spirituality don’t disquiet me (Okami). As believers in Christ, we should listen to the guidance of the Holy Spirit, while not be afraid to tackle video games and find signs of God’s grace or values in them, even among the filth.

via Why Christians Should Play Video Games (with Discernment) – Geeks Under Grace.

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