What We’re Playing: Dreamscaper, LoZ: Breath Of The Wild, Medieval Dynasty

It’s been another month, and I have been behind in posting this column that I find pretty fun to put together. As gamers, we love our games and the experiences we all have with them. What I always find interesting is how many different types of games are out there, and because God has given us so much creativity the possibilities are endless. I hope you find some new games to try from what’s mentioned below. Let us know what you have been playing this month in the comments!


This is my return to this iteration of Hyrule after a (too long) hiatus. My kids are a bit older (8, 6 soon to be 7, and 4) and they are along on their own journeys with BOTW as well. Diving back into Hyrule after more than two years has sincerely breathed new life into my experience, as it has been long enough to not remember everything, but not too long to have forgotten everything. Every corner has an air of, “Wait, I remember that, I think” and I couldn’t be more overjoyed. My children are constantly comparing my progress with theirs, which does translate into some spoiler potential, but the game is so wide open that sometimes I have no idea where they are or what their goals are.

Look forward to a full post about this adventure, soon.


In these winding months of 2020, and especially as many of us are beginning to experience the full brunt of the late autumn/late winter season, I find that I tend to slow down in my gaming journey as time seems to escalate. I return back to familiar games as the mood strikes me: Crusader Kings 2, Eastshade, Final Fantasy XIV, and so on. Most of this is very casual in style for me, as I try to balance my love of gaming with my demanding duties as a teacher, especially during these times. I’ve recently discovered a game on Steam called Medieval Dynasty, an indie game where you literally build your life and settlement from the ground up. It’s challenging, but expansive as far as tasks to complete and areas to explore. It’s by no means a perfect game, and with it still being in Beta and in development, bugs are almost a certainty. However, if you’re a fan of stories set in the Middle Ages, or just need a good survival game to enjoy, then I encourage you to give Medieval Dynasty a try for yourself and see just what you can enjoy from it.


I love October because it’s my birthday month! Also, a blessing that has been 9 months in the making was the birth of our first child! It’s a boy, and he is growing fast. With this huge life change, I haven’t been able to game very much but I did try out several demos that I have been sitting on. After attending PAX 2020 online, as media I received access to several games that are still in development. The ones I have been able to write a preview for were Dreamscaper and Blade Assault. Both are very different, but Dreamscaper is one I want to get back into since the story and graphics were very unique. Aside from those two, I got back into one of my favorite gaming genres, fighting games!

Dreamscaper gameplay

I finished watching Hi Score Girl on Netflix, which inspired me to play some Street Fighter so I fired up my copy of Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection. It’s always nostalgic to play Street Fighter II, III or Alpha. Each one is different, and a lot of fun to challenge others online even though I don’t always win. I enjoy the challenge, so I will be playing this one a little more when I want a game to unwind with. The other night I also tried out Erica, which I got for free on PS Plus. It’s an interactive movie that is very different and is played using only the touchpad, which is new to me. The game is violent as it deals with a murder mystery, and I believe some horror but I’m not sure yet as I just started it. Every month is a new month to explore new games, so as a gamer, try something that is outside your typical genres and see what else is out there!

Let us know what you have been playing this month, even if you are reading this after November. God bless, and keep on gaming. He is good.

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