Treasure Chest: Elohim, Christian Manga and 30 years of gaming

It’s September already! I can’t believe the year is going by so fast. This month has some pretty cool articles, especially anime ones. I decided to remove the reviews that I posted previously since they don’t really fit the purpose of this column. Instead, I hope to find more material for my Christian gaming/anime/geek fans out there in the interwebz.

Let me know what you think of this, and if you enjoy this column in any way. Feedback truly helps me grow as a blogger 🙂

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  • Kelly gives her Top Ten Suikoden recruits. Great RPG if you haven’t played it. [Geeks Under Grace]ss_ded5cd1a34df5b4d9015f71caf35db247b2579c4-1024x576
  • Have you heard of the Talos Principle? It’s a neat indie game that involves lots of Christian references, from Elohim to the Garden of Eden. Joshua helps break them down so we have some clarity on what’s really going on. Do we trust God, or not? [Geeks Under Grace]
  • Interesting ideas on the Apostles Creed and video game development. This is a new blog I found that was shared. [Blind Alleys]
  • Thirty Years of Gaming: A Series (Part 1) – [Geeks Under Grace]
  • The upcoming Final Fantasy VII remake is awakening nostalgia in all it’s fans. Is that why we should be buying the game though? C.T. analyzes his feelings and thoughts on the game with C.S. Lewis’ quotes [GameChurch]

 ANIME ARTICLEScatreturns_baron-1

  • Beneath The Tangles has created their latest recommendation page, all about manga! If your looking for some Christian recommendations, there’s nowhere else on the net to find it but here. [Beneath The Tangles]
  • What Christians need to know about Yo-Kai Watch [Geeks Under Grace]
  • Haru from The Cat Returns finds her purpose even though she is enchanted by the fairy tale of the cat world [Lady Teresa Christina]


  • Nerd Chapel gives a con report of Gen Con and how various geek ministries were representing Christ. [Nerd Chapel]

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