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via Review: Counter-Strike—Global Offensive (PC) – Geeks Under Grace

Counter-Strike, a game that has passed the test of time in the FPS genre, is back for its latest rendition with Global Offensive. Choose which team to play as: Terrorists or Counter Terrorists. I love this game because of its simple concept yet difficulty in execution.

Content Warning

This is a first person shooter so expect violence including blood, guns, knives, explosives, and flying bodies. Now, I have to say that CS:GO is not as bad as most other FPS games, but it is present so be aware.

There’s also the fact that the opponents of the game are terrorists planting a bomb in which the counter- terrorists have to stop, so some players may not like the fact that you can play as terrorists due to the political implications.

If you are playing online and you have voice chat enabled, expect to hear some foul language from other people who are playing. Competitive video games tend to get people pretty angry and it shows in their vocabulary, so if you’re reading this and are protective of your ears or your loved ones’, beware.


Counter-Strike has had just about the same gameplay since it was first released in 1999, but the mechanics have certainly improved after each update. The game is simple: you chose either terrorists or counter-terrorists, purchasing weapons from money earned after kills (or use the ones you start with), and either plant the bomb and protect it until it explodes, or stop the Terrorists from succeeding in their mission.


via Review: Counter-Strike—Global Offensive (PC) – Geeks Under Grace

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