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via Review: Chrono Cross (PS1) – Geeks Under Grace

images (1)As a JRPG fan since I was very young, one of my favorite games was Chrono Trigger. I always wanted a sequel to come out, and it eventually did in the form of Chrono Cross, though it didn’t feel like much of a sequel as I played it. However, after completing it and spending hours discussing it with friends, replaying it and reading over some of the dialogue and hints given throughout the game, it’s more than a sequel—it is a conclusion to all the chaos caused by Lavos.

On the other hand, many fans Chrono Cross did not accept it as a sequel because Crono is neither the main protagonist, nor is found anywhere in the game (except in one area, won’t spoil that). And yet this game stands on its own two feet in regards to story and gameplay whether one feels it succeeds CT or not.

via Review: Chrono Cross (PS1) – Geeks Under Grace

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