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I found this book on Amazon once while looking for any geek books I could find. After reading the reviews, checking out its table of contents, and researching it a bit more, I purchased it. A Geek in Japan turned out to be the best book on Japan and geeks I have ever read (not that I have read many). I truly enjoyed it and gained so much knowledge by reading it. You will learn about the lifestyles and habits of the Japanese along with all the geeky interests that you may have (anime, movies, video games, etc.).

The author himself lives, works, and studies in Japan. His name is Hector Garcia and he is actually from Spain. Being Hispanic myself (not from Spain, but I’m 100% fluent in Spanish) I went to his blog and checked out his posts. It’s a great site because Hector shares lots of great photos on the life of an everyday resident of Japan. Even if you don’t speak Spanish, check it out for the photos!

via Review: A Geek In Japan – Geeks Under Grace

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