Reaction: I Am Jesus Christ Game Trailer (Steam)

Videogames can appeal to so many demographics, hobbies, interests, and even religions. As a Christian myself, I hope to see more games that bring the bible to consoles or PC in a way that hasn’t been done before, and hopefully better than past attempts. A few years ago a trailer for I Am Jesus Christ was published on Steam by SimulaMobile. The title alone is controversial because is the game saying the player is Christ or just stating that Jesus is who He says He is. Then there’s the trailer which shows some gameplay, but it seems more like a gimmick than an actual game that these developers are proud of creating.

There hasn’t been much in terms of interviews with them, though my fellow faithful gamers over at The Reformed Gamers did an interview with them, as well as garnered millions of views on IGN with their trailer (see below). The caption below the video says “I Am Jesus Christ allows players to experience some of Jesus’ most famous miracles firsthand”. Based on the footage, that’s what it seems to be focusing on.

The Steam page of the game states it will be released this year so I hope to review it when it drops but for now, here’s what I think of it. There are a couple other videos showing more footage and overall it’s the same concept of using Jesus’ hands to perform miracles as a glow emits from them. It’s like He has a superpower to do these miracles, but it leaves out so much more that scripture includes.

Yes, Christ did perform miracles when He walked the Earth, but they were only one part of what He did. The message of the Kingdom of God, repentance, forgiveness, and trusting in Him as the Messiah is what gives us eternal life. It’s not only about signs and miracles, though they are important. The greatest miracle is salvation through Jesus Christ when someone, like myself, accepts Him as our Lord, forsakes our old lives (2 Corinthians 5:17), and follows Him then that’s the true miracle.

Many people were healed by Jesus, delivered from demons or even raised from the dead, but not many of those followed Him after. Even after healing 10 lepers, only one returned (Luke 17:11-19) to give Him thanks and glory. I hope this game is more than just about healing people with shiny hands and more about the Son of God who came to set us free from our sin and allow us to have a relationship with our Heavenly Father.

Check out the upcoming game I Am Jesus Christ on Steam.

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