Reflections: Radical Living

This is a new series of posts I will be doing whenever I feel inspired. They are short ideas, thoughts or reflections on life, issues, and various other topics. Regardless of the theme, I hope it will encourage you and challenge you to live a better you, trusting in God’s love for you and I. In no way do I mean these to be negative or critical, though don’t be surprised if I say something that makes you reflect.

8584_8908_5I love my generation. Regardless of age there is a common factor, and that is living radically. People don’t want to do the status quo, or the same ol’, same ol’. They enjoy rocking the boat, challenging long standing traditions and ways of thinking. This can be detrimental to society or beneficial, it depends on the reasons behind the revolution.

We can look at how millions of Hispanics around the USA, illegal or legal, are sick and tired of being denied access to America. Black Americans are constantly being racial profiled because of their skin tone, or other cultures aren’t equal because they look different or their language is not English.

From wanting to see more of God and His grace by challenging pastors to stop living a double life of sin or stealing money from their flock, they want the real.

They don’t want to be lied to, even if the truth hurts.

No more lies, no more cover ups.They want whats true, and that includes equal freedom and the truth that is in Gods word, not a watered down, “feel good” sermon. Sermons don’t save souls from an eternity in hell, Jesus Christ does!

Learn from the Source, God our Father who loves us. Live radically for Him, love radically for Christ, pursue His will for your life. Don’t be swayed by the world and its ways, get away from sin, ask Christ to forgive your sins and live for Him all the days of your life.

Radical Living.

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