My SuperCon Panel 2015: Finding God in Anime and Video Games

Dear Michael,

Congratulations! Your panel has been scheduled for Florida Supercon 2015. Here is your panel information:

Panel ID#: P142
Day of Panel: Saturday
Time of Panel: 8:30PM-9:30PM
Location of Panel: C223WEBSITE-HEADER-320

I was accepted! I hope anyone reading this can make it out to my panel, or at least let someone else know about it. I’m very excited about this, and will be representing Geeks Under Grace. Will be rocking my GUG t-shirt and bracelet, as well as having a raffle for plenty of geek related stuff.

Be sure to come to learn, get free stuff and hopefully having a time to share God’s word with the audience. The last time I did a panel it packed out with over 50+ people, to the point people were standing in the back! It was a very nervous situation, but I got through it by His grace and strength so I know this one will be much better and am hoping to do more in other cons.

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When not conquering digital worlds in video games, he can be found reading, watching anime, listening to music writing, and just enjoying life as a geek in the city.

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