Grand Theft Auto’s Affect On Society

As I continue to write more and more on this site, I find that I tend to lean more towards exposing the good and the bad in video games, with a perspective on how it affects people spiritually or emotionally.  Video games like Grand Theft Auto (the entire series) can get under your skin in more ways than one, and also reflect a constantly changing culture in America.  The downward spiral towards being entertained, enjoying more sinful activities like sex outside of marriage, pornography, violence, theft and more is on full display in GTA, especially V.  Even GameSpot found that GTA V was sexist against women.


Is it a well made game (focusing on GTA V)?  Yes, actually it is!  Just because I don’t agree with the morality of the game, I don’t feel I need to deny the fun and gameplay.  I used to play GTA (haven’t played V) and I used to love it.  I had it on PC and I would shoot up everyone that walked, stole the cars and did everything else you could do.  The plot isn’t interesting at all in my opinion, and there isn’t much creativity to it all.  Your playing a guy who does “jobs” or missions for people to get revenge on someone, steal something, or deliver something.  To be honest, it’s just like any other open world experience except for the way the violence is portrayed.

To me, living in Miami which is what GTA:  Vice City is supposed to be representing (80s Miami), is pretty interesting.  Movies like 2 Fast 2 Furious show off beautiful women, fast cars, drugs, sun and violence which yes, does represent Miami a little bit.  Is that all this city has to offer?  No, of course not.  Is GTA’s world which is full of so much violence and sin how America really is?  Hardly.  Again, I’m only talking about the USA, there are countries where there is a lot more dangerous happenings going on, but I can vouch that I’ve never seen a random person pull someone out of their car and drive away.

Personally, being from NYC, living in Miami, and even having traveled to Colombia where people (even the very people that live there) over exaggerate about how dangerous it is, I haven’t seen what I see in GTA.  It shows a world without morals, without a conscience and consideration for others.  Most people, if not all, have an innate desire to help others, not go off and commit homicide.  There is evil wherever you go but that comes from the heart (Luke 6:45) of man, and it’s something that has been stored up over time, the same as when you see someone doing a lot of good.

Let’s not look to GTA as a reflection of our society, or “America is doomed”, or “this generation is worse than ever!”, instead let’s look at people who need help, who need a word of encouragement and be that change.  Instead of complaining of how “bad” it is, change yourself, and help out even in the smallest of ways.  Don’t look down on others and don’t look to GTA to be a reflection of your world view.  Be a change for the better in your society and community.

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