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For those that haven’t read her recent article, Diamond Kelley recently joined the Gaming & God writing team as well! She’s a children’s book author, vlogger on Youtube, streamer, and overall happy person! I hope you get to know her through her introductory post as well as her other content. God bless and let her know what you thought in the comments.

If my life was an intricate quilt filled with unique patches of memories and passions, gaming would take up a lot of space. Ever since I could skillfully place a Nintendo 64 controller in my hand at the small age of 4, I’ve been in love with the video game world. As much as I binged Rugratz or Sonic Heroes throughout my childhood, it’d be easy to think nothing else mattered to me. On the contrary, that would be a totally wrong assumption.

The name Jesus has rung through my ears like Christmas bells ever since I can remember. Whether I was walking through a colorful kindergarten hallway or about to take a state test in third grade, His name alone has always brought me nothing but comfort and peace.

As I got older, my shy nature began to chip away at my calling with God. I struggled with letting the world bully me into being afraid of sharing the truth out loud. So, I became a writer and children’s illustrator to, yes, fulfill God’s will, but also to secretly hide away from the world with my words. Timid, little me could never hope to be someone strong like a pastor over hundreds. Or so I tricked myself into believing before I rekindled my relationship with the Lord.

Now, I realize that I am enough and anyone can share His loving word.

Both my faith and confidence grow stronger each day, hand in hand with every new person I meet or game I stream. To keep the fire inside my heart flourishing for the Lord and the candle of creativity lit, I decided to create Christmas Cat and Jesus.

This is my official little ministry where I can grow with Christ and His people by harboring a Christ-centered community. I’m praying to grow my website and the creative avenues within it such as my YouTube vlogging channel for young adult Christians, Twitch streaming, and blogs. Even if my community never sees the iceberg over 100 followers, I will always be deeply content and happy doing God’s will.

There’s a beautiful, blessed opportunity in gaming to reach out to those who are lost and with the heavenly help from above I will gladly leap with my controller and headset towards them.

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Hiya! I'm Diamond and the creator/ founder of Heavenly Storybook, a digital Christian bookstore full of adorable books, art, games, videos, and more :)

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