Gamer’s Journal: Why Kingdom Hearts III Has My Curiosity

I stood facing the greatest unity of darkness I’ve ever seen. It was a giant tornado of evil, dark creatures that loomed closer and closer. The sight of it was extraordinary, and though I knew I couldn’t win against it I still wanted to try. This was from a scene in Kingdom Hearts 3, where Sora faces a huge whirlwind of monsters. Moments like these are what makes this game so amazing. Kingdom Hearts has always been a series that intrigued me since on the outside it looks like a cute and fun Disney game with Sora just being thrown in the middle. It’s so much more, and KH3 proved that. As if the other games (except for Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2) were appetizers, and this game was the main course. I feasted on its plot, graphics, and hidden details that are scattered throughout its worlds. The plot explains theories that fans have had for years and ends with questions still unanswered. With that in mind, let me elaborate on why this game has made me more curious about its story than I ever have been.

The Demon Tide boss from Kingdom Hearts 3

I warn you, there will be MAJOR spoilers below. I will be mentioning the ending, and other important details that if you are still playing that you wouldn’t want ruined. You have been told…

After finishing KH3 recently, I noticed several details, dialogue and clues that didn’t make sense to me throughout the story. They would vaguely mention people, backstories, or memories that didn’t fit in the game, so I had to start digging online to find out what all this meant. If you haven’t completed the game, then this might not make sense but as you do get closer you might notice them. It’s hard to miss though, so keep your eyes open!

Ok, here’s a list of things I noticed that had me going, “Huh?”, in no particular order:

  • The conversation between Ansem the Wise and Ansem (heartless) about children he (Ansem the Wise) experimented on, and a child that escaped.
  • During Final World, Sora speaks to some floating stars. There are two cutscenes, one with Namine and another one which is left anonymous. Both are crucial.
  • Ventus mentions memories he has that aren’t of Aqua and Terra. He says he went on adventures with another group of friends…
  • Hints of time travel and talk of the Keyblade War are mentioned here and there. Of course, no details are given about either.
  • Maleficent knows….things. She is searching for a black box and the Book of Prophecies.
  • Of course, the ending with Luxu and the return of the Foretellers is interesting. How are they still alive? Where did they come from? What’s in the black box!
  • I won’t even get started on the Secret Reports. These you can acquire after beating the game and winning battles in Battle Gates. They are spikey orbs that take you to challenging enemies. There are 14 of them scattered throughout the game. They mention “Subject X”, and hints at a coming battle after KH3.
Image result for kh3 final world stars
Sora in Final World speaking to the mysterious character.

As you can see, there are many side-plots happening at the same time as the main story. I found it very interesting because you would be on your merry way throughout the Disney world’s, then a clue (referring to the points above) would drop and your left scratching your head.

What did that have to do with what’s happening right now? Why did that happen?

This would happen enough that I had to try and piece it all together. Thankfully, Youtubers, Reddit and other bloggers know more than I do and make sense of it all. There are still minor details that can’t be explained until concrete answers are given, but I will do my best to break down what I understand is happening behind the scenes. There

All these hints point to a game that is least talked about in the series. That would be Kingdom Hearts Union X. It’s a mobile game that goes into the beginning of the series and the first characters that came before Sora. Once again, it looks like a fun little game for kids, but the story is what I am most interested in than the gameplay. Granted, it’s a fun game and I did play some of it but I have a long way to go before I finish it. The main characters are Ephemera and Skuld, along with the Foretellers who are shown in Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Back Story and the Master of Masters. All these characters are never shown or even hinted at during KH1 or KH2.

Image result for kingdom hearts union x
Kingdom Hearts Union X Cross. Chronologically, the first KH game.

To make a long story short, if you watched the movie called Kingdom Hearts Back Story, then this will make more sense. There was a world called Daybreak Town, which is where all the worlds began. The Master of Masters and his six apprentices were tasked with protecting the light and creating Unions, which were groups of keyblade wielders that would fight evil. In reality, the Master of Masters (MoM) knew that eventually there would be a keyblade war and the world would be engulfed in darkness. That’s where all those keyblades came from that the series has shown since Birth By Sleep. He knows this because of the Book of Prophecies which he wrote that shows future events. MoM, somehow, was able to travel from the past and knows the future.

The fated land will be the battleground for a great war. Light will see defeat and expire, while darkness prevails evermore.”  Last entry in the Book of Prophecies

After the Keyblade War ends, he tells one of his apprentices, Ava, to select five keyblade carriers as new Union leaders among the Dandelions. The Dandelions are the group of keyblade holders who have not fallen to darkness. They would replace his own apprentices, and continue the lineage of Keyblade masters and saving the worlds from disaster. All this is done, but somehow these five leaders end up going to another time in the future and disappear. The five characters are Ventus, Ephemera, Skuld, Brain, and Lauriam. Another character, Strelitzia, might have joined but she was killed by an unknown assassin.

Related image

The only character that I cannot figure out is Brain because the other four Union leaders have been shown. Ven is Ventus from Birth by Sleep, Ephemera’s spirit helps Sora in the Keyblade Graveyard, Skuld seems to be Subject X (discussed in the Secret Reports), and Lauriam is Marluxia. That accounts for everyone but Brain, so I just have to wait for the new updates for Kingdom Hearts Union X to be released.

Maleficent has been putting the pieces together since Dream Drop Distance, a previous KH game. She has taken an observant role in KH3 instead of fighting, as she wants to figure out how she can be in control of the various worlds. So if one of the main enemies of the game is trying to figure all of this out, imagine the player!

To conclude this rant on why I am intrigued and curious about what happens next, I recommend getting caught up on what I have been rambling about. Please see the references below to watch a video (it’s long, almost an hour) that will catch you up on the mobile game. Remember, spoilers galore!

References for more detailed information:

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