Street Fighter: Fighting For A Purpose

Fighting games is one of my favorite genre of games to play.  Been playing them since Street Fighter 2 came out for the SNES (wasn’t it odd that nobody ever played Street Fighter 1?  Click to find out why).  The fact that I could choose a powerful character and fight my way to become champion is always a great feeling, especially when playing multiplayer.  The culture and variety of the characters in Street Fighter has always been appealing to me, as I assume for most it has as well.  I love the fact that I can play as a lightning fast girl from China, and then a monster in Brazil named Blanka.

Behind The Scenes

When you start thinking about Street Fighter, the story line is very interesting.  The creators of Street Fighter took time to craft each character’s back story well, unlike most fighting games (Tekken, Soul Calibur, etc.).  You connect with the character you chose for two reasons:  the way they look or their story.  Some players like to pick certain characters because of their moves, but not very often.

Sagat Vs. Ryu
Sagat Vs. Ryu

Looking at the story of each of the characters in SF (Street Fighter), you see that each one has a purpose for why they fight:

  • Guile – Looking for his long lost partner, and bringing M. Bison to justice because of his crimes.
  • Chun-Li – Revenge for her father’s death by M. Bison (you’ll see his name a lot!).
  • Ryu – Seeking to become the strongest fighter in the world, yet at the same time questioning his own meaning and purpose.
  • Dhalsim – Raising money to help his village.
  • Cammy – Overcoming her past to move on and start a better life fighting international crime.

There are many more, but I wanted to highlight some of the more popular characters.  Everyone is fighting for a reason, whether that reason is moral or not.  M. Bison is fighting for world domination (alongside Sagat, Balrog and Vega) but others are fighting to stop him.  Every person in the world has a reason for being alive, and many times we have to fight for what we want to see come to pass (marriage, a job, health, finances, our spiritual life, etc.).


Whatever it is that you want to do, whether it’s to be an artist, business person, teacher, doctor, mom/dad, husband/wife you need to fight.  Don’t give up, don’t quit, because that’s what satan wants you to do.  He wants you to never do what your called to do, and just live your life on “automatic”, getting up every day and doing the same thing over and over until you grow old.  Yes, sometimes life can be boring, but we all have a fire inside of us yearning to do something more, something greater.  Maybe it’s writing a book or traveling or just pursuing a new career.  I don’t know what it is for you exactly.  For example, one of my personal passions is just writing on this blog and inspiring you.

God promised us that He has a plan and purpose for our lives:

Jeremiah 29:11

11 For I know the plans I have for you,” says the Lord. “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.

You may have been told that your no good, that you’ll never amount to anything, but God has a different plan for you than what others have for you.  Be encouraged and day by day, start taking steps toward what you want to do.  It might be filling out an application or just making a phone call.  If that’s all you can do for that day, great!  Your one step ahead.  I’ve had to do that myself many times.  Every accomplishment happens one step at a time, usually it’s not a HUGE lead.

Be a real life Street Fighter, and fight for your purpose, because if you don’t who else will?  Round One, FIGHT! (I know, corny, but I had to…)

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