E3 2021: Reveals, Trailers And More

Video game conferences happen every year, all around the world. One of the biggest ones and most infamous for it’s reveals of new games and consoles has always been E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo). Recently though, it hasn’t made as big a splash as before, but I will be positive and blame the virus pandemic on that. Everything has slowed down around the world, including gaming production, but there were still a lot of new trailers, updates, release dates, and more this year.

If you got to watch some or all of E3’s conference, you know what I’m talking about, but if you missed out then below, I will be sharing my favorite and not so favorite moments from these past few days. In no particular order, I will share trailers of the games I’m looking forward to.

Let me know what you enjoyed or didn’t in the comments! God bless.

Starfield, produced by Bethesda studies, is an RPG set in the vastness of space. It certainly looks amazing and was the headliner of the Xbox showcase at E3 2021. The footage doesn’t have any gameplay yet as the game is still early in production, alpha to be exact, but I am looking forward to seeing more of this one. I hope the RPG elements are fleshed out and we can see a sort of Skyrim but in space with alien races. That’s just what I’m hoping for, not that the game is going to be about that.

A game that I feel wasn’t talked about enough when it was released was A Plague Tale. It is certainly not a game for children as there is a lot of violence and dark story elements. I played the demo and thought it was fantastic, so I went ahead and bought the game but have yet to play through it. This new entry to the series looks like it will keep the same serious tone as the first, and with beautiful graphics.

I REALLY want to see more of this game. It was like thrown in there, and if you blinked a few times you would have missed it. Nothing was said about it at all, except it’s coming to mobile. Some people in the chat were gawking that it was an app game, but remember that most people in Japan play mobile games so it’s super common for games to be released that way. In fact, a previous Final Fantasy VII game was mobile for quite a while, Crisis Core.

For my first trailer that I wasn’t too happy about, I wanted to mention Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin. What is this game about, besides three guys that “need to kill Chaos”. Who are they? Who is Chaos? What is going on? No one knows, as the trailer did not reveal much. This looks interesting, but until I get a more clear path as to what it’s about, I can’t say I’m looking forward to it.

The award for weirdest game at E3 goes to Atomic Heart. I do not own an Xbox, so I won’t be playing this one, but I wanted to highlight how odd it was. The entire trailer shows some kind of futuristic world full of mechanical creations. It seems your character can levitate objects but I’m not sure, it’s all over the place. Give it a watch, and let me know what language that music in the background is from.

I haven’t played much if any of Forza, but this trailer makes me want to get Forza Horizon 5. It looks amazing, the backgrounds look so real, and it just looks like a lot of fun. Xbox owners will certainly want to keep an eye on this one.

There’s no way I could skip this one, as we finally have gameplay for the new Legend of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild game. Link seems to have new powers, and the lush colors and backgrounds look even better than before. What is the floating dark castle in the end of the trailer represent? Is it Ganon’s base, or a new enemy? Maybe something from the past or future? LoZ fans have been wanting to see this and I’m glad it was presented. Nintendo did an amazing job.

Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora looks like it’s going to bring the ever famous movie to consoles. There was no gameplay to judge how it would play, but from what the cutscene showed, they are putting a lot of effort to making sure this game takes your breath away just like the movie. It could also be hype for the new movie that is being made, but let’s see what else we see in the future.

As much of a fan as I am of Guardians Of The Galaxy, I’m not too impressed with the game. It’s not that it looks doesn’t look amazing, because it does, or that it doesn’t look fun, because it does, but it’s just not the same. I’m too used to the movies, and this game was given a lot of time during the Square Enix showcase. If there’s a demo, I will give it a try. Am I hating on it too much?

I’ve played Mario Party on the Gamecube years back, as well as the Wii, so I was glad to see it coming back to the Nintendo Switch. It looks fun, has lots of content, and can be played online or with friends. This is a fantastic game to play with friends or those that aren’t really into videogames. Hope to grab a copy for myself.

More Metroid! I was excited to see a new installment to the series, and it looks very serious since this new enemy can take any of Samus’ attacks. During the Treehouse session for the game, it was stated that this game would wrap up the series of Metroid games which makes me want to see how they will end it. Is this the last game with Samus or metroids? Why are these robots out to end Samus?

The gameplay goes back to older Metroid games, unlike Metroid Prime which went with a different style (though it was good just the same). I hope to pick this one up as well, as I’m behind in playing games in this series.

I was happy to see a new JRPG coming out, even though I had not heard of it. While I put this article together, I discovered that this game was actually a Kickstarter and it was made by the creators of Suikoden and other JRPGs. It reminded me right away of that game, and I suppose it was the character design. This is one I’m really looking forward to, as the gameplay and artwork look unique and the creators have years of making classic RPG games.

I am still due to play Monster Hunter: Worlds or Monster Hunter Rise but this game looks more like my kind of game. I like that it has a more story-driven feel than the other games, but then again I haven’t played them so I can’t compare. Monster Hunter is another one of those franchises I want to give a try and I hope I enjoy.

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You can watch all the trailers here, or watch gameplay videos.

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