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I recently was contacted by the good people over at Nerd of God Squad, who maintain the Daily Nerd Devo. I have listened to them several times since they started and enjoy what I heard! They create short podcasts, often 2-5 minutes in length, that compare recent or older fandoms (comics, anime, video games, movies, TV, books, etc) with scripture or a biblical lesson they pulled from the content. Similar to what we do here at Gaming & God, they do it via podcast.

This has been something I”ve been wanting to do for quite some time; record short podcasts using my articles as a base for what to say. It’s just another way to share what I have produced, and hope that it would help fellow gamers and non-gamers draw closer to Christ. It took me like 15 takes to record, but that’s because I wasn’t using a written script.

Please excuse my tone in the recording, I hope to get better as I do more. Next time, I am writing out what I say before I click record on my phone. Let me know what you think, as this is a new form of content creation for me so this is all new for me.

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