Character Analysis: Drake from Uncharted


Uncharted has become one of the greatest gaming franchises.  It’s fast paced, action movie-like feel is something that you’ve never played before.  The story isn’t the most amazing (in my opinion) but it’s good enough to keep you interested.  Imagine that last exciting movie you saw and you get to play the main character.  That main character would be Drake.

He’s the main protagonist of the three (now 4) who goes on awesome adventures to find treasure.  He is the descendant of a great treasure hunter named Sir Francis Drake (so Drake says) and he wants to find the treasure left behind by Sir Francis.  This leads him on a journey for riches and fame alongside Elena Fisher and Victor Sullivan.

What I love about the Uncharted series and Drake is that he’s a regular guy.  He has no powers, no special ability, nothing supernatural at all about him.  On the contrary, he often has to FIGHT supernatural forces to get to his goal.  He makes mistakes, isn’t the strongest character and is often running away from danger instead of into it.  He’s easy to relate to, because you can see yourself in many of his actions.  Now, I don’t agree with some of the things he does, like sleeping around with different women or the foul language, but the fact that he’s a man after truth is a basic human trait we all share.  The search for purpose, the meaning of our lives, that’s what Drake searches for as well as we all do.  No matter how old or young you are, you ask the same question (to others or yourself), what is my purpose?  Drake’s real search is the same.  As soon as he finds his first treasure, he starts looking for the next one.


 Art by:  PatrickBrown

Life is the same, we are always looking for the next “answer” to this question:  college, high salary, marriage, children, a home, travel or charity.  These things are all good, and I in fact have most of them (thank you Jesus!).  But, I know that without God in my life, without His peace, His forgiveness and relationship, I would be empty and still be searching.  Do I love finding new things to do, new wisdom to gain, and new places to travel?  Of course!  But that’s not the source of your purpose, and you’ll never find it in any of these things.  End your search in God’s word, and let Him guide you to your purpose.

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