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10660432_10154552777260484_1595780552_nThis post is from Geeks Under Grace where I am (as of this writing) a staff writer for. Check them out on Facebook and their other strictly gaming Facebook Cross Console Gamers. Feel free to browse my posts on their site. God bless, and please comment below on your thoughts of the article!

Secret of Mana (or in Japanese Seiken Densetsu 2) was one of my favorite games when I was a kid. This roll-playing game takes you way back to what RPG’s were about: leveling-up, action, weapons, magic, and a plot to go with it all. What more do you need? Nowadays, your RPG’s have all these extras that just bog down the game. Let’s bring it back to basics! 

If you’ve never played or even heard of Secret of Mana, I hope my review will sway you to pick it up on the Virtual Console of the Wii.

CCG Retro Review: Secret Of Mana | Geeks Under Grace

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