5 Tips To Beat Any Game

We have so many games available to us today ranging from many genres and consoles. PC games are continuing to produce new experiences for gamers while AAA games continue to push what can be done graphically. It’s a great time to be a lover of video games, but it’s also interesting to see how the difficulty of each game can fluctuate.

When you decide to start playing a game you can usually chose from Easy, Normal or Hard while other games will take it to another level with names like Expert, Insane, Legendary or even Impossible. Of course, most of us want to beat the game on its toughest setting but it can be very challenging and not worth the trouble. I have found some tips and strategies that seem to work on most games, but not all. Some games are just flat out almost impossible to beat (flappy bird?) but most can be conquered if you know the game well enough.

So let’s dive right in, how can you beat a game on a harder difficulty and not pull all your hair out (if you have any)? Well, here are my top tips that have worked for me throughout the years to conquer that level, boss, area or puzzle that has had you stuck for hours.


Tips and Strategies

  1. Don’t be afraid – Often when I start a game, between the three choices I usually choose Normal (or whatever name it has) but in reality I’m afraid that it will be too hard and take too long to beat. I’m a busy guy; I don’t have time to get frustrated over a game when I have a backlog of others I want to beat as well. If you’re up for the challenge, choose hard on the first try and don’t think much of it. It’s not as hard as you think, because you’ll get used to playing it over time and you won’t even notice the difference.keep-calm-and-respawn
  1. Respawn – Ok, you’re going to lose a whole lot of lives when you play so just get used to it. You may think you’re the best gamer on the block, but don’t be ashamed if you seem like a noob. What’s great is that every time you lose, you’re learning how to avoid that pitfall (got the joke?) so you can beat it next time.
  1. Come back later – This might be the best tip I can give you. Often times, I get stuck in a game and I just have no clue how to beat that area, boss, or puzzle. I will either switch to another game or just stop playing for the rest of the day (or for some hours) and come back to it. When I do that, I usually can get past whatever it is I’m stuck in. I believe this happens because I’m not frustrated anymore or I am looking at the situation with a fresh perspective. It’s similar to writing, when I don’t know what else to write or I think everything is edited perfectly and I come back later I’m able to find errors or finish the article.
  1. Play with a friend – Of course, two heads are better than one! Sit down with a buddy, family member, spouse, or fellow gamer and try to figure it out. Often we get so stuck that it’s the obvious (something above your character, beneath them, an item you haven’t tried, an NPC you haven’t spoken to) that you’re missing. Don’t be ashamed when you want to do a face palm for not seeing it before the other person points it out.
  1. Use a strategy guide or go to gamefaqs.com – You can always just buy a strategy guide, but they are pretty pricey. The only reason why I would ever buy one is because of the artwork, but that’s my personal preference. Just go to GameFaqs and you will find any guide you need for any game. They have everything broken down into sections from item locations, maps, walkthroughs and more.


There you have it, short and sweet. My best tips for beating any game. I would use a guide as your last resort, but let’s be honest, who has time to sit there trying to figure out some puzzle or area that you’ve been stuck so long on? The point of the game is it to be enjoyable, so if it’s starting to stress you out it may be time to take a break.

Do you have any tips/strategies for beating a game that weren’t included here? Have you ever used any of these tips yourself? What are some of the toughest games you’ve ever played? Let me know in the comments!

God bless you.

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2 thoughts on “5 Tips To Beat Any Game

  1. Good tips. ^ ^ I usually try to avoid using walkthroughs until I’ve tried anything else I could think of. I used to get shamed for using cheats, but honestly I like getting through the game and not being stuck forever.


    1. Same here, I try never to use walkthroughs but I have many times in the past. RPG’s especially, when there’s a point where I can’t figure out what to do…and it’s been about an hour? Yup, I’m logging onto gamefaqs and checking. I won’t check it after that though to see if I can beat it without the faqs

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