5 Of My Favorite Instrumental Video Game Albums 

I am a HUGE music junkie, and my discovery of Spotify has changed my life. I used to use iTunes or Amazon to download music by paying for tracks or whole albums. Usually, I just pick the songs I like and buy a mix of different artists. Most of it is Christian music that I enjoy, like Hip-Hop, EDM, Salsa, worship or video game music. Yes, that is a weird combination but I have already come to peace with myself that I am odd in my tastes. Feel free to ask me for any recommendations!

As I am always perusing through the “related/similar artists” option on Spotify, there’s always someone I’ve never heard and I am a little surprised I’ve never heard them before. My preference for video game music is instrumental tracks that I can relax to, read, or even write. Music that gives peace or is just nice to hear in the background is what I am always looking for, so below I will list only 10 of my favorite hidden gems. Sure, there are tons more, and I look forward to seeing which ones you think should be on this list!

Most video game OSTs (Original Game Soundtrack) are hard to find, expensive, and Japanese games have to be imported or bought on sites that sell merchandise from Asia (like Play Asia). Fortunately, more of then are being put up on iTunes and other sites, but not too many on Spotify. The ones I enjoy listening to most though, are albums that have been remixed or changed to sound a little different. I added a Spotify link to each album, and some have an Amazon affiliate link to purchase the album. So without further adieu, here’s my list:

5. 8-bit baby – Lullaby Renditions of Classic Nintendo Music

(Purchase from Amazon or Stream on Spotify)

Sure, this album title says “baby”, and yes it is an album targeted at putting babies to sleep. I thought it would sound like some little cradle music but it has a nice peaceful tune to it. If you are too ashamed to pick this one up, I totally understand, but at least give it a stream! Has some good ol’ classics here.

4. TPR – A Fleeting Dream: A Melancholy Tribute to Final Fantasy X

(Stream on Spotify)

TPR is a great pianist who makes somber music of video game soundtracks, mainly Final Fantasy. Being the RPG fan that I am, this made me very happy, but his music can be pretty sad too. His tracks are great to leave in the background, and he has several projects to choose from. Personally, I think FFX had some of the nicest and memorable music in a video game, so I picked this one to promote. He has plenty of other stuff as well.

3. Taylor Davis – Melodies of Hyrule: Music from “The Legend of Zelda”

(Purchase from Amazon or Stream on Spotify)

Taylor Davis is a violinist similar to Lindsey Stirling (check her out!), but without the EDM/Dubstep tracks. She did mainly covers of video game or anime tracks and is now producing her own music. If you enjoy the violin, go get this one! It’s 16 beautiful songs from different Legend of Zelda games, so you will definitely find one you enjoy.  If you aren’t familiar with the instrument, I recommend it and her music videos as well. She cosplays in most of them, so that’s pretty cool too 🙂

2. Project Destati: LIGHT

(Purchase from Amazon or Stream on Spotify)

This album is special because of the way they remixed the original soundtrack. For those that are Kingdom Hearts fans, then this one will really blow you away. They don’t have too much music out, unfortunately, but the orchestrated and remixed songs of this series is amazing. Personally, I find it better than some of the original music in the game. It can be tricky at times to tell the difference between the original OST and this album, so for those who have played KH, get this!!!

1. The Consouls: Consouls 1-2

(Stream on Spotify)

So my top choice for this post is from The Consouls. They are a jazz group that is constantly releasing short albums with music from different games. It’s cool because it’s such a variety of games that you never know what’s going to be in a new release. The cover displays different artwork from each game that the music is part of, which is very creative. I am a jazz fan, though only in regards to fandom, so when I found music that played nostalgic gaming tunes with a saxophone and piano, I got all their music. It’s not on Amazon to purchase, but it is on iTunes and able to stream on Spotify.


What albums do you recommend for gamers? It can be the original OST, or a remix one like these. Let me know, I would like to add them to my playlist 🙂   God bless.

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