Review: Chrono Trigger | Geeks Under Grace


CCG Retro Review: Chrono Trigger | Geeks Under Grace

This is a post I published on Geeks Under Grace. Click the link above or below to see the rest of the post. Geeks Under Grace are a great community of fellow gamers/anime lovers/otaku that love God and geek culture. Be sure to check out their Facebook page, and mine as well. God bless!


RPGs (Role Playing Games) have come a long way in their decades of existence.  From pen and paper games like Dungeons and Dragons to videogames like Final Fantasy, RPGs are a household name for the average gamer.  The SNES brought us some of the greatest ones ever, and they are still regarded as the best, even when compared to their newer and shinier brethren.  As a child, playing games like Chrono Trigger, Bahamut Lagoon, Breath of Fire, Terranigma, and Secret of Mana (just to name a few) allowed me to fall in love with this genre.  Chrono Trigger is the one title though that sticks out as my favorite, not only because of the story, but also because of the music, graphics, replay value, and character development.

CCG Retro Review: Chrono Trigger | Geeks Under Grace

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Samuru is a Christian, husband, teacher, anime fan, and a life long gamer. He was born in NYC and lives in Miami, FL. He also speaks Spanish and is of Cuban descent. When not conquering distant worlds via console or PC, he can be found reading, watching anime or Netflix, writing, exercising, or just enjoying life as a geek in the city.

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