Review: Psikyo Shooting Stars Alpha (Nintendo Switch) | Beneath The Tangles

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Review: Psikyo Shooting Stars Alpha (Nintendo Switch) | Beneath The Tangles

Initial release date: February 18, 2020
Publisher: Nippon Ichi Software
Platform: Nintendo Switch

Thank you to the kind people at NIS America for providing this fun and challenging compilation of games for us!

When I think of shoot’em games, the earliest one I can think of is Galaga. I may be wrong, but I believe that is the game that started off this whole sub-genre. That arcade classic isn’t the one that I remember with the most fondness though, it would be R-Type. When dealing with monsters in space, there wasn’t another game like it. I wasn’t sure what I would be getting into with this review, but I am always up for new challenges in video games, so I thought this would be a fun way to try a type I’m not accustomed to, and in fact, and entire collection of them!

Ready, Aim, Fire

Psikyo Shooting Stars Alpha is a group of games that play very similarly, but each one is slightly different. The list is as follows: STRIKERS 1945, STRIKERS 1945 II, STRIKERS 1945 III, SOL DIVIDE, Dragon Blaze, and ZERO GUNNER 2.


The Striker games are top-down shoot ’em ups, where you control the aircraft and destroy hundreds of other planes, tanks, and yes, Gundam-like bosses that want to put an end to you. It’s not an easy game, and I could only get far or beat them with unlimited credits!

When there are tons of bullets, beams, and other projectiles coming your way, the screen can be hard to focus on. I can barely see my ship so I don’t even know when I get blown up, so if it wasn’t for all those credits I would not have made it far.

*Read the full post below*

Review: Psikyo Shooting Stars Alpha (Nintendo Switch) | Beneath The Tangles

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