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This site started because of seeing others putting their faith into their geeky hobbies and taking it seriously. Over the years, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting several other groups and individuals whom God has put a similar mission on their heart for geeks, gamers or otaku.

My first interacting was with reading articles from GameChurch, then Geeks Under Grace. I joined GUG as a monthly writer for about 2 years, and then Beneath The Tangles shortly after. I couldn’t keep up with all the writing I had to do, so I’ve taken a step back in terms of writing for BtT (though I publish every now and then there) and am currently on their social media team helping with Facebook.

I want to build bridges, not burn them, and through interacting with the leaders in these groups as well as their members, I’ve been able to grow relationships with them. Discord has been a huge one, where I can easily chat with other gamers or geeks alike who are Christians, or not. This little program has allowed me to partner with a few groups that I want to highlight below, as well as give an invitation to other groups who would like to join!

If you would like to join Gaming & God as a writer, supporting our social media or website design, or there’s another role you feel you could help with, let me know as well.

Whether in a small or larger role, I hope that this blog can help grow what you are doing in the gaming community. If you are a streamer, blogger, community leader, pastor, gamer, eSports group, or just someone who wants to impact gamers/geeks for God in a positive way, let me know how I can help you do that.

Below you will find partners that are supporting the blog in various ways. Please be sure to check out their own endeavors and groups as we continue to pray and build what God is doing in the gaming community, Christian or otherwise.

connecting anime and belief in open community


  • I am on staff here as a writer and on the social media team, helping with Facebook.
  • You can find my articles from BtT here.
Logo of Mighty Grace Positive Gaming
Life Matters, Grow Together, Live Better.

Mighty Grace Positive Gaming

We reach out to gamer through various media, share the message of Jesus Christ, create a positive encouraging community, facilitate spiritual growth and wellness with people.

  • I am on their leadership team, as well as a member of their Discord channel.
  • They are a small, but fantastic group of gamers who love God, have bible study every week online (join their Discord, then check their events channel), and other fun channels.

God’s Gamers (their new name is Walking Together) is a safe, loving community focused on nurturing one another, and fostering an atmosphere of learning, growth, & faith. We are here to provide Christian gamers with a non-toxic place to game, grow, play and pray with and for each other.