Do you know God?

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God totally transformed my life when I was 17 in high school. I had been searching for Him my entire childhood through the Catholic church mainly, as that’s how I was raised. It just left me empty and not knowing how to have a real relationship with Him. I would pray at night, crying out why my life was the way it was and how I needed to know He was real! I finally discovered my answer after a friend told me about a bible club in my high school in Miami.

I attended just to check it out, I wanted to see what that was about. I had no other agenda, but God certainly wanted me to encounter Him when I arrived. The leader of the group shared her testimony about how you could have a personal relationship with Christ, which is what I was always searching for. I prayed a prayer they asked me to pray, and I made the decision to accept Christ as my Lord. My life has never been the same again, to where almost two decades later I’m still following my Master, Friend, and Savior.

If you want more details on my story, check out this older post I wrote. For those that are curious, wanting to know God and encounter Him yourself, be sure you click below. I will also be leaving some resources below so you can get more information. God bless, and if you have any questions or made that commitment please email me or leave a comment below!

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