Anime Recommendations for Christian Viewers

574848_542924102397152_1914051595_n*This is a great post from my blogger buddy Charles at Beneath The Tangles. A great site for all your anime needs, you need to check his site out. It covers anime with a Christian perspective, and will be a blessing to your life.*

One question Christian anime fans frequently ask is, “Is there such a thing as a Christian anime?”  As I mentioned in the FAQ, besides Tezuka Osamu’s collaboration with the Vatican, The Flying House, and perhaps another exception here or there, the answer is “no.”

But, that doesn’t mean that “Christian anime” is an oxymoron.

It’s not unusual to see Christian symbolism in anime.  Some series even place a central focus on these symbols, though some (like Neon Genesis Evangelion or Toaru Majutsu no Index) controversially depict these elements.  Instead, anime can be viewed through a Christian lens.  Although the series may not refer directly to the Christian God or to Jesus, important themes in Christianity are ever-present in anime, including grace, sacrificial love, being just, seeking to do what is right, turning the other cheek, and finding that there may be a higher being in the universe.  Below are series that feature these qualities, press us to think further about faith, or feature Christian characters in a fair light.

This list will expand as I watch shows which I think are befitting of it.  The newest additions are Fruits Basket, Chrono Crusade, and Sakamichi no Apollon (added 5.8.12).

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