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img-2302-e1530298118628Thank you for visiting my blog! Whether you are a gamer or not, I want you to discover God through this wonderful genre called videogames.

My name is Mike, born in New York City and raised in Miami, FL. I am of Cuban descent and am proud to be Latino!

I gave my life to Christ at 17 during a bible study in high school, which means that I made the decision to follow Jesus Christ and accept His forgiveness. As I continued on my journey as a Christian and a geek, I started to wonder if there was a way for me to explore my faith and gaming together.

I searched for websites, communities, or anything online that had to do with God and video games or in some other sub-culture. There are several of them today but at that time there were very few. I decided to stop waiting to find the “right website” and just do it myself! So here I am and by God’s grace I hope to continue to grow the community and create content.

In regards to video games, I have held a controller since I was very young, starting with the original NES and then getting a SEGA Genesis, SNES, Game Gear, Game Boy, and others. Some of my favorite genres are RPGs, fighting games, shooters, adventure games, and even puzzle games.

I am also a big Anime fan and have been watching it since I was in high school till today. I write about anime as well for Beneath The Tangles and I hope to visit Japan one day in my lifetime.

If you have any questions for me, please leave them in the comments or shoot me an email and I will get back to you. Yes, I personallly reply to all of them as I’m not “famous” nor have some big team, so looking forward to chatting!

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Please be sure to contact me with any questions, guest posting, or anything at all! I’m open to review a game or write something on a particular gaming topic.

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-Mike (aka Samuru)

13 thoughts on “About G&G

    1. Haha, thanks a lot! So your Mike as well? What got you into anime or video games? Or you can just email me. God bless

      1. Both, both is good. I got into anime after watching Elfen Leid (bloody as all get out, but the story was strong). And video games? Dude, as soon as I saw Donkey Kong on the SNES, I was in. You said I could email, but what’s your email?

      2. I haven’t seen that anime yet, though I have heard its good. I started with the NES when I was, I think 6…but I could be wrong.

        Yeah, just hit “contact” on my site and send me one. Or just click my avatar, its shinseikenjin@gmail.com

      3. I haven’t seen that anime yet, though I have heard its good. I started with the NES when I was, I think 6…but I could be wrong.

        Yeah, just hit “contact” on my site and send me one. Or just click my avatar. I don’t think wordpress lets me write out my whole email….annoying.

  1. Hey Mike! Just checking out your blog! I noticed that you haven’t talked about Undertale yet! Have you played it? I think you’ll be able to bring a great Christian commentary on that game.

    1. Hey there simoku 🙂 Yes, I have yet to play it 🙁 I have it on Steam but haven’t started it yet. I have such a backlog of games I’m getting through. I’ve read and even listened to the music of the game so I know it’s a good one. What did you think of it?

      1. Oh I see! I thought that it was a pretty special game. One that really makes you think about what it means to be good, and how a loving parent feels, and the consequences of sin.

  2. Wow! I absolutely love this concept. I am also a Christian gamer/anime enthusiast. I love, love, love geek culture. I think you are doing an amazing thing by combining your passion with your faith. I can’t wait til I have time to read all your articles. Also, I noticed that the PS must be one of your consoles of choice. Even cooler! What PS4 games are your playing these days?

    1. Hey there K Marie, thanks for checking out my blog! I appreciate it 🙂 How did you find me, if you don’t mind me asking?

      I hope you can also check out Geeks Under Grace for geeky Christian articles/reviews and for anime please check out Beneath The Tangles. I am a staff member on BtT at the moment, and my posts are on the right hand side of my blog (click the logo).

      I really appreciate the compliment, I do my best to combine my faith and hobbies in this way, and working on other side projects too like books and other content.

      PS4….hmm….right now, I am going through some PS Plus free games I’ve had that I never played like Dust, Rocket League (I love that game!) and finishing up Dragon Quest Heroes (I am about to beat it). My PS3, I have some games I need to finish up that are also free ones. I also have Uncharted 4 to get through…so yeah, the backlog is real! lol God bless you, and yeah, feel free to email me any questions or whatever!

      1. Uncharted 4 was a good one. I just finished that a couple weeks ago.

        I found you by chance when I used my search engine to find places to share my Christian blog with others, and an article came up that you were featured in.

        I was immediately interested in your blog because of our shared interests. 🙂 I felt compelled to tell you that it is awesome.

        I will check out Beneath the Tangles. I enjoy anime a lot also. I read an article or two of yours on Geeks Under Grace. Great stuff.

      2. Awesome thank you for that. That helps me know how people are finding me :). Yeah I played the other 3 uncharted games and they were great, Nate is such a funny and realistic character, along with his team.

        Yeah you will enjoy those two pages, they are much bigger than mine and similar visions. Looking forward to checking out your writing and if you write any video game pieces please let me know so I can share them on my page. Take care

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