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Video games and anime have always crossed over, whether it’s through their own respective mediums or via interests of the fandom. It’s common to find gamers that enjoy anime and vice-versa, and being an avid gamer myself, I’ve always been interested in anime that are based on video games. Unlike the horrible job that is often done to adaptations on the big screen to some of my beloved gaming franchises, anime often does it right and even adds to already well-done games.

In fact, I’m sure if you are an anime fan, you’ve either encountered an anime based on a game, or seen anime in video games. A lot of Japanese games have characters drawn in an anime style, or are literally just games like visual novels. This got me thinking of all the different anime over the years that I’ve seen and which ones fall into this category. I also wanted to share why I feel the video games associated with the anime are fantastic, and why you should check them out.

1. Tales of the Abyss

10 Great Anime Based On Video Games
Tales of the Abyss

The Anime: My first recommendation is Tales of the Abyss, another entry in the Tales Of series of games by Namco Tales Studio. Twenty-six episodes tell the tale of Luke fon Fabre, a spoiled rich kid and aspiring swordsman who becomes the target of a military organization, the Order of Lorelei, that believes he is the key to a prophecy that will change the world. Available for purchase on Amazon.

Why you should play this game: If you have never been exposed to this series before, it’s a treat in the JRPG scene. The action and growth you see from the characters are done so well. The story is deep and has some great twists, so you won’t be bored at all. Available for purchase on 3DS through Amazon.

Click here to read 10 Great Anime Based On Video Games | Beneath The Tangles

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