Chain Chronicle: When Hope Isn’t Enough | Beneath the Tangles

Source: Chain Chronicle: When Hope Isn’t Enough | Beneath the Tangles

A fellow blogger I respect, Medieval Otaku, wrote a post on an anime called Chain Chronicle. He mentioned to me that I may enjoy it, since it has fantasy and is based on a game (and everyone knows I’m a gamer!).

The main character, Yuri, was an interesting fellow. He’s a typical hero who wants to save the day, along with his faithful band of travelers. Just like most good vs. evil anime, his plan is to stop the darkness from spreading and overcoming the world. To do this, he must fight powerful foes, including his own self.

Well, I was able to complete the series and overall it wasn’t that bad and enjoyable, just not memorable. Yuri though, had an experience that was interesting since I rarely see it happen in a plot. He turned evil! It’s not every day you see the main character go rogue and indeed, kill his own teammates.

Yuri is poisoned by the darkness that is growing throughout the land, and he is having a hard time keeping his mind straight. He sees a dark persona of himself, which tries to convince him that there’s no way the team can win. Of course, as the hero he is, he refuses and gives a brave speech on how hope and light will overcome. It’s a good rebuttal, but he soon starts to crack and break down. In most anime, this is the part where the main character defeats the bad guy and the sun shines upon the battle as it ends.

But not in Chain Chronicle.

Source: Chain Chronicle: When Hope Isn’t Enough | Beneath the Tangles

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