Dragon Ball Super: The Fear of God | Beneath the Tangles

Source: Dragon Ball Super: The Fear of God | Beneath the Tangles

Who would believe that 33 years after the Dragon Ball manga first started, the most recent incarnation, Dragon Ball Super (DBS), is still one of the hottest anime out there. I would dare say that if you speak to anyone who is a Dragon Ball fan, they are watching this show (which means all those many people who don’t watch anime but will watch this one). One character that got my attention, and is something new that DBS is exploring, would be Zen-Oh. He is basically the creator of the whole Dragon Ball universe, along with all the other universes that were revealed to exist in the series (12 in total so far). I will be mentioning a few details of the new arc that just started, so be warned—there are a few spoilers, but nothing too important.

So far, very little is known of Zen-Oh except that he’s the blue, short, and happy (sort of), ruler of all that exists. Everyone that knows him is deathly afraid that he will wipe them from existence. Surprisingly, most of those that weren’t deities or angels in the DB universes weren’t aware of him at all. They did not know he existed nor the extent of his power, (even Beerus bowed in fear of him). Goku, of course, became friends with him and accidentally gave him the idea for the universes to have a battle among themselves. This caused a lot of anger among the contestants because the loser would have their entire universe wiped out by Zen-Oh! Being convinced this would be a fun way to see some fights, Zen-Oh agreed to the Ultimate Power Tournament, which is underway in this current arc.

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Source: Dragon Ball Super: The Fear of God | Beneath the Tangles

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