Final Fantasy IX Melodies of Life: A Lyrical Introspective


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In honor of poetry week, I wanted to write about a certain song from one of my favorite RPGs. Many Japanese songs are written almost in the form of poetry, in my opinion. Sure, many times they don’t rhyme, but poetry doesn’t always have to rhyme. For me, poetry is when words are when paint pictures in our minds as we hear them. There are a few video games that can pull this off well, and Final Fantasy IX’sMelodies of Life” is one of them. I was also inspired to write this article by a previous one created by Japesland on Beneath The Tangles.a1582982219_10

Final Fantasy has some of the best music ever. Not just in terms video game soundtracks, but in terms of music in general. The feelings that you get when you are in a boss battle during Final Fantasy VII, or the fantastical history you experience while hearing To Zanarkand from Final Fantasy X  cannot be easily replicated. A classic title in the franchise is Final Fantasy IX, which is the story of Zidane and Garnet who join together to save the world from destruction. It’s a beautiful story of love, drama, pain, maturity and heroism–everything you would expect from the series, of course. The soundtrack, though, had some memorable tracks and one of them was the elegant, “Melodies of Life.” It’s rare to find a lyrical song in a video game, and rarer to find one that makes sense with happenings in the game. I am a big fan of music in general, and listen to it every day, so when I hear bad production, I can tell. Looking back at this song, what it is saying, and how it relates to the game, revealed many parallels to the Bible and God’s love. Let’s go over this memorable melody, stanza by stanza, as there’s a lot to unpack in each section.


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