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via Gaming With God: When The Spiritual World Crosses Over | Beneath The Tangles

Welcome back, my faithful readers and newcomers, to another edition of Gaming With God. This is part two of a series of posts on the game Tales of Xillia 2 which I started and am about 10 hours in already. It’s a fantastic game, even though it has some flaws here and there. If you’re looking into playing it, I suggest getting Tales of Xillia first before diving into part 2 as it’s a direct sequel.

The world of Xillia is split into two. One is called Rieze Maxia (pronounced Ri-zay Max-e-a), which is the home of the spirits, and the other is Elympios, which looks like a technologically advanced city. Since they are split, one needs the other to survive, thus causing all the problems that occurred in part 1. The people of Elympios have hated the Rieze Maxians since they are the ones who have the energy to survive, while those of Elympios are slowly losing their own. Even though there is progress between both worlds for peace and trade, racism and spite are still alive and well.

As you walk around Trigleph, where the main character Ludger is from, NPC’s (non-playable characters) are quick to mention how backwards Rieze Maxia is, how they are better because of their technology, and how they don’t understand their use of spirit artes. For the people of Elympios, they have only known the use of modern luxuries and have not been aware that there is a spiritual world unlike their own. In the case of Rieze Maxia, the technology of Elympios has never been seen nor do they have anything even close to it available. Just imagine someone from the 1700s coming to the year 2016 and taking a look around, that’s basically what’s going on here.

via Gaming With God: When The Spiritual World Crosses Over | Beneath The Tangles

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