Treasure Chest: Games Jesus Loves, Smiling Sora, and Christian Geeks

via Treasure Chest: Games Jesus Loves, Smiling Sora, and Christian Geeks – Geeks Under Grace *Click the link to continue reading this post over at Geeks Under Grace*

January was a pretty heavy month for articles, blogs, and news in the geek world. As this column highlights posts that mix spirituality with our geeky habits, I’m proud to share with you the highlights of the month of January 2016 that I found on the net. I hope you check out the various websites and blogs mentioned.


Gaming Articles of the Month

  • If Jesus Christ played video games, which ones would he likely play? Find out from the writers of GameChurch, who give us 2015’s “Games Jesus Loves.” [GameChurch]That-Dragon-Cancer-Build-e58c518-1_14_2016-6_38_23-PM-e1453049281303
  • A Christian game that played like Doom was released some time ago, where players help animals in Noah’s Ark! See what it’s about in Geeks Under Grace’s review of Super 3D Noah’s Ark. [Geeks Under Grace]
  • Those looking for an introspective game that deals with real life and faith need look no further. That Dragon, Cancer, the long-awaited title by Ryan Green about the death of his son and how he got through the dark times, has been released. It’s not only a game, but an experience, and Zachery Oliver of Theology Gaming gives us his thoughts on it. [Theology Gaming]
  • A more detailed review of That Dragon, Cancer that may lead you to pick up this title. The writer explains the emotion and faith that went behind the game. [Geeks Under Grace]
  • I love analyzing video games, so when I saw that Cooper wrote an article dedicated to the process of analyzing video games, I was excited. He talks about themes, mood, allusions, foreshadowing, and other concepts we see in our favorite games. [Geeks Under Grace]
  • Did you ever think The Binding of Issac had a lot of religious imagery to it? Maurice breaks down every single one of these images with his Backloggery Beatdown of games he’s utterly conquered. [Geeks Under Grace]

Anime Articles of the Month


  • There’s tons of anime goodness in this month’s Something More column over at Beneath The TanglesFrom a fantastic Christian manga to Sailor Moon, Pokemon, One Punch Man, Bakuman, and more! [Beneath The Tangles]
  • My favorite Christian anime site has changed administration, so if you’re a fan I would suggest you check this important post out. [Beneath The Tangles]
  • Are you a manga fan? Well, Between The Panels is a column by our own editor-in-chief Casey (aka Cutsceneaddict) here at GUG. Be sure to read her article on Sora from Kingdom Hearts, and why he smiles so much. [Beneath The Tangles]


Misc. Geeky Articles of the Month

  • Geekdom House writer Christopher Johnson shares his thoughts on fantastical fictional worlds and their effects on us. [Geekdom House]
  • Ever played a game with someone who sincerely wasn’t friendly? Get some tips for the next time you meet that guy/girl, and you’ll be better off if it happens. [Geeks Under Grace]
  • Christian geeks are a thing, and if that’s a new concept for you, I encourage you to check out what Colby has to say on the matter. [Geeks Under Grace]


I hope you enjoyed this month’s Treasure Chest! If you know of an article that should be featured, please leave the link below or message me @ GamingandGod. God bless you, and keep on geeking out!

via Treasure Chest: Games Jesus Loves, Smiling Sora, and Christian Geeks – Geeks Under Grace *Click the link to continue reading this post over at Geeks Under Grace*

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