Podcast #89 – The ESRB – Theology Gaming

via Podcast #89 – The ESRB – Theology Gaming

What of the Entertainment Software Review Board? Zach, Ted, and Michael Morejon (of Geeks Under Grace) talk about whether this is actually a useful organization!

Topics include the ESRB, Uncharted, Rocket League, soccer (futbol?), The Last Guardian, Bloodborne, Sonic the Hedgehog, No Man’s Sky, Final Fantasy, Fallout 4, PS4, Shovel Knight, Ginger Ale, Mushihimesama, Hearthstone, Freedom Planet, Hauppage HD PVR2, Halo 5, Wu-Tang: Shaolin Style, Death Race 2000, Sonic Unleashed, Minecraft: Story Mode, Sega’s content rating system, Joe Lieberman, Night Trap, DooM, censorship, language, Hot Coffee, The Aviator, The Bible as a video game, C.S. Lewis, Homer, The Odyssey, The Illiad, comic mischief, the Triforce, and Zelda trivia!

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via Podcast #89 – The ESRB – Theology Gaming

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Samuru is a Christian, husband, teacher, anime fan, and a life long gamer. He was born in NYC and lives in Miami, FL. He also speaks Spanish and is of Cuban descent. When not conquering distant worlds via console or PC, he can be found reading, watching anime or Netflix, writing, exercising, or just enjoying life as a geek in the city.

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