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via The anti-hero inside | Geekdom House

Everyone’s favourite video game character is always the main one, right? Regardless of the genre, you have to like the character that you’re playing as; otherwise, in my opinion, you won’t enjoy the experience.

When you think about any popular video game series, who’s the first character that comes to mind? Is it Link? Sonic? Mario? Lara Croft? Nathan Drake? Master Chief? Even though they are all very different, they make you feel like the hero who dashes in to save the world (or universe) from complete annihilation.

That feeling of heroism is one of the main reasons I am a gamer in the first place. My collection of Amiibos are all of my favourite heroes—for some reason, I’m not very interested in the villain figures. The feeling that, in my own way, I can be a hero in real life can be reflected in my Christian beliefs. I can help others through the love of Christ that is in me and be the hand that reaches out to those who are in need or hurting.

I don’t always feel so heroic, though. I’m reminded of the anti-heroes—characters like Wario, Shadow the Hedgehog, and Max Payne—those who feel like the villain inside but are trying to be the hero on the outside. They put on a good front, pretending that they have it all together but when they are alone, it’s not the same. Struggling with doing the right thing when you don’t want to is not easy, especially when nobody will find out.

via The anti-hero inside | Geekdom House

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Michael is a child of God, husband, teacher, business owner, anime lover and a life long gamer. When not conquering distant world's via console, he can be found reading, watching anime or Netflix, writing, or just enjoying life as a geek in the city of Miami. He aspires to travel to Japan and possibly...never leave.

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