Poem: Destiny

Welcome to my weekly poetry slam! Every Sunday (until I run out of poetry to post) I will put up a new poem that I have written over the years. I used to write a lot of it, but suddenly stopped, not sure if it was for me or not. I hope to receive some feedback from these writings, and continue to be inspired to write a new set of poetry. 

Check me out on Facebook and Twitter, looking forward to meeting you, and if you have any poems you’ve written yourself please share below. I read every comment, and will be sure to give some positive critiques.

Psalm 90:12
12 Teach us to number our days aright,
that we may gain a heart of wisdom.

“Genesis” was the name of the station where we waited for the train. Time to get on. “Time” was stamped on our tickets by the Great Conductor.

A loud blast signaled its departure.

Next stop: Destiny

We could see from our windows all sorts of beautiful wonders. Each showed a different stage of life.

One showed a young boy, enjoying time with his family.

He was then running away from childhood trauma that chased him

The next window had teenagers smoking marijuana, rebelling against their parents. Another had students studying, passing their classes, and finally graduating.

The scene flashed and moved onto a picture of a beautiful family with their grandparents, together smiling. The last thing we saw was a tombstone, cracked from age, symbolizing the end of the story. Darkness slowly covered the window.

There was a bright light coming from the back of the train.

Through the window was a small, multi-colored flame. The wind tossed it to and fro, as it bent towards a dead tree. It longed to engulf this tree, but not just that one, an entire dead forest. We heard a voice whisper “Desire…Passion”.

The tiny flicker reached its goal, and the dead wood came alive, dancing with bright oranges and yellows. The voice spoke again, “Purpose…Fulfillment”

The view moved from the blaze to the bright sky, full of stars. Slowly, it faded away.

The train began to slow down. We took our aged luggage and stepped off the tracks. Our frail bones tingled with a wanting to see more, but it was too late. Our Time had run out. We had arrived at Destiny…


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